Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Zulu Surfers

I learnt by e-mail this morning that the NFVF pitch of Otelo Burning in Cannes created "major excitement" and the screenplay will be read by MTV Films Europe, Miramax, & No Borders, which is part of the Independant Feature Project, New York.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Otelo Burning

Over the last few months I’ve had the most fun I’ve had writing for some time. The reason: Zulu surfers and the seascapes I lived in while working on the screenplay, Otelo Burning. The story was developed by Cinga Productions in association with the NFVF, and you can take a peek here.

De la Rey

Below, with apologies to Bok van Blerk, is a free and wild translation of his freedom tune, De la Rey. Will we be singing it, like the Scots sing Oh Flower of Scotland, as we win the world cup? Or will we be shedding blood?

The original lyric is posted on “White Pride World Wide” site, Stormfront, and the song appears to have a tragic appeal to mad racists. To quote Rooi Jan from another lyric about missing leaders:

"Ek sien bloed in die donker daar bo.
Hierdie donker trein donder nerens toe."

Van Blerk, fortunately, is brighter that some of his fans, aligning himself with Steve Biko in this interview.

Del la Rey

On hill a in the veld, we wait in the night.
There’s blood in the mud,
And the rain and the wind are like knives.
My house and my farm are ash on the ground
But the fire of a name burns in me.

De la Rey, De la Rey, will you come to lead us again?
De la Rey, De la Rey, as one, we will fall around you.
De la Rey, De la Rey, will you come to lead us again?
De la Rey, De la Rey, come and a nation will stand.

The cliffs block our retreat,
And the English think that we’re done.
But the heart of a Boer is deep and wide,
And the Khakis have lessons to learn.
I hear the hooves of his horse; the general comes,
It’s the English, will learn how to burn.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Filthy Choice

Filthy Choice is an educated and quirky music blog. I discovered Filthy Choice when it linked to the Rian Malan article on the home page and popped up on Statcounter. (Trakers can be useful) Go to Filthy Choice for Wimoweh, and find out how the lion sleeps tonight.