Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"Stop thinking like a kaffir."

An interesting remark, made by Irvin Khoza, and qouted on the South African Insult. Khoza's train of thought was not dissimilar to how I imagined Steven Biko thinking as he was murdered by apartheid police in this extract from And the Dead Watch Over Us.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Reporting Telkom faults on the Telkom site

Well, a week later, lo and behold, after many encouraging SMSs, someone came and fixed it. Thank you. Like I said, it wasn't fast, but I never had to hold on for an hour.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Go, Telkom!

Well, it is some days since I first logged the fault on the Telkom website, but I have just recieved this SMS to my cell:

Dear Customer, Fault ref no: xyz has been created. Telkom will endevour to resolve the problem ASAP.

It might not be quick, but at least I didn't have to hold on for three hours.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dear Telkom

In Email_id 50411 I reported a fault on my line. (011 44x-xyxy) It has no dial tone, and I cannot use it to phone out, or receive calls, although the ADSL component is working. I will be tracking your response, or nonresponse, to this complaint, in public, at

Thursday, February 7, 2008


There’s a interesting piece from Ferial Haffajee here. A group of leaders from the University of KwaZulu Natal respond to an article on rape on campus by Lubna Nadvi. They accuse Nadvi of racism. They say Nadvi only cared when an American student was raped. Why has she “not been angry at the rape of African females?”


These leaders are angry about Nadvi’s “racism”, but pretty relaxed about the rape of their own students? Let’s leave the rape situation as it is, rape of African students being normal, and fight this evil racism thing!

Good thinking there from: “Professor Nceba Gqaleni, the deputy dean of students, Bheki­themba Ngcobo, and three student leaders.”

Friday, February 1, 2008

And There's More

"Shed Writers Make Book of The Year List

A number of BookShed authors feature in the Arts Council England (ACE) YouWriteOn Book of the Year long list.

From almost a hundred eligible novels, twelve adult and eight children's novels were chosen for consideration. The winning novels will be offered the option of publication as a Print on Demand (POD) book...

The long list includes Bookshed founder member Patricia J DeLois, who made the list with 'Penguins in Amsterdam' the follow-up to last year's Book of The Year, 'Bufflehead Sisters'. Other Shed members to make the final cut include Mo Fanning, Perry Illes, Nick Poole, Ben Twemlow and David Wardale..."

See... The Shed

News from The Shed

BookShed author, Patricia J Delois, shows the way, and writes for fun:

" As a writer, I've been to writer's groups and classes. I always felt like an impostor. People were taking writing so seriously. I was doing it all for fun."
Now, the attention garnered from the book has blown her cover.
"I've been 'outed. When I go home alone, people know what I'm doing."

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