Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Polokwane, Finished and Klaar

Finished and klaar is a nice phrase, isn’t it. In case that's how we end up, I suggest we tweak the constitution to include it. I propose the following F&K amendments.

1 - The people of South Africa want the government to act against crime. And to do it, they must start at the top, finished and klaar.

2 - Corrupt policemen should get double punishment, finished and klaar.

3 - Politicians legally proven to have entered into corrupt relationships with shabby financiers must join the shabby financiers in jail, finished and klaar.

4 - Presidents who cannot speak clear and simple English and have relationships with corrupt policemen must resign, finished and klaar.

5 - The government must stop spending money on corvettes and start spending it on honest, hard working policemen, teachers and nurses, finished and klaar.