Thursday, May 29, 2008

Illegal Immigrants

The meaning of words is important.What does the word “illegal” mean? My thesaurus offers: unlawful, dishonest, criminal. So if an immigrant is illegal, the state has an obligation to repatriate them, or to declare them refugees and process them in some other legal fashion. They cannot simply be dumped into already suffering communities.

Burning people to death, whatever their origin, is also illegal. And the state has an obligation to charge, prosecute and punish.

This government has some work to do.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

March to Protect Immigrants.

Given that immigrants are people, and that xenophobia is another word for savage racism, I think that this information, received by SMS from the painter, Herman Niebuhr, should be publicized as much as possible:

March to defend immigrants.

Joburg, Saturday May 24.

Gather at 9am,
Marks Park, Empire Rd, near Hillbrow.

Bring placards, banners, friends