Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Story

"Frank Fourie is a man whose needs are fairly simple. He’s on holiday in Pringle Bay with his wife and children. Like so many other families from up country they’ve come to their holiday cottage for the Christmas break. It’s Christmas Eve and Frank is taking a black bag of rubbish to the dump."

Review of The Story at LitNet.

You can order South African Pens 2011 - New Writing from Southern Africa from Jacana Media

Jane Rosenthal review of South African Pens 2011.

"The winning story... is a gem. Set in Pringle Bay, it has more than one narrative layered into its cleanly written pages and concerns a man, his driver's licence, a cop, a baboon and several "whatifs". "

SA Pen interview.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


"First prize goes to 'The Story', an assured and professional piece of writing about a simple-seeming interaction between two men in which the true drama takes place beneath the surface. Dialogue is particularly deftly handled. In all, a fine illustration of the adage that, sometimes, less is more."

JM Coetzee
African Pens 2011 - New Writing from Southern Africa

Thank you to SOUTH AFRICAN PEN Anthony Fleischer, Margie Orford, Deborah Horn-Botha, Cherie Wright, John Studzinski and, last but NOT least, JM Coetzee.