Wednesday, July 2, 2008

DeLois signs Two Book Deal with Berkley.

Patricia J DeLois, reclusive author of BUFFLEHEAD SISTERS, and founder member of The BookShed, has just signed a two-book deal with Berkley Books, a Penguin imprint.

DeLois will be working with editor, Jackie Cantor, whose list includes New York Times bestsellers Diana Gabaldon, John Lescroart, Eloisa James, and Hope Edelman, and Helen Fremont, author of the acclaimed memoir AFTER LONG SILENCE. Recent acquisitions include THE ROAD FROM CHAPEL HILL by Joanna Catherine Scott, author of the Booksense Top Ten THE LUCKY GOURD SHOP; PRACTICALLY PERFECT IN EVERY WAY by Jennifer Niesslein; and WHAT FRENCH WOMEN KNOW ABOUT LOVE AND SEX by journalist Debra Ollivier.

So if anyone is wondering which peer review and networking site for writers is home to the talent…

It’s the BookShed.

Note - This post should in no way be interpreted as a disparagement of Litopia. Litopia is also an excellent peer review and networking site for writers.