Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Laurentina was cold and the prawns juicy

I've just discovered that you can, for just under a dollar, listen to the BBC recording of A Man Called Rejoice at a site called The Home of Midor. It's also available in print, as Rejoice Burning, through Aurora Metro.

And Ponta do Ouro was... a far flung corner of a forgotten, Latin Empire. The beaches were endless and deserted, the Laurentina was cold and the prawns juicy. And you can get there in a double cab bakkie. We only got stuck once.

Mseni Lodge... a wood cabin high in the dune forest. Monkeys and Mongooses peering in the window. There's a boardwalk through the forest to the beach, and if you turn south you won't see a soul till Richard's Bay.

Thank you Daan and Elma. It was stunning.

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