Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mad Racists and Linkage

A Blogger quickly faces the issue of censorship. I’ve had one comment on this Blog, and it was from a mad racist, an American, in a response to the De la Rey post and the reference to Steve Biko and mad racists. I censored it, because I will not become a forum for mad racists. I was conscripted into the South African army in 1980, and if I learnt one thing, it is that racism is evil. On the other hand, one does not want to rule things out. The Internet, the linkage, is, potentially, humankind falling into consciousness. So I’m thinking of starting a new link category: The Real South Africa? And linking to sites like Kak Duidelik.


Mulla said...

Hi Meneer

Thanks very much for the link to our website.

Ek appreciate dit baie.

James Whyle said...

Only a pleasure.

Dusty Muffin said...

Great piece, 'Marching towards Nelson'. Sure it'll hit home with a lot of people. Am pleased to see it's still being republished.

James Whyle said...

Thank you, Dusty Muffin.