Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Real South Africa

The South African Insult has an interesting post, via the Sunday World, on Jacob Zuma. Apparently Mr Zuma has been bust by the King Mswati of Swaziland of not paying a debt. The payment, 90 head of cattle, is owed for the King’s niece, ex police officer and friend of Shabir Schaik, Princess Sebentile. Mr Zuma is betrothed to the Princess, but unable to afford her. I’m confident Mr Zuma will put these lobola issues right should he become President of South Africa. One does not want this kind of diplomatic embarassment with one's neighbours.

I’m reminded for some reason of the Reverend Canaan Banana, who used to ask the press to please NOT describe meetings with Reverend Banana as “fruitful.”

It's not Mr Zuma's right to have many wives that I take issue with. It's that he didn't keep his side of the deal.

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