Thursday, October 18, 2007

South Africa 45, England 14

I'm changing my tune. South Africa will, at minimum, equal England's scrum. We will dominate the line outs. Steyn will finally learn how to offload onto Jacque Fourie's beautifully angled runs. We will run at them from set pieces, and we will slice throught them like a knife through butter. Habana will score thrice, and Fourie, Pieterson and Steyn at least once.

Songs to sing while we're winning:

Leeuloop. From Robbie Wessels - Halley se Komeet

Onverskrokke. From Radio Kalahari Orkes - Stoom Radio.

De la Rey. From Bok van Blerk

And if by any wierd chance we lose, I will blame the people who thought up that embarassing Ninga Turtle Ad.


Nick Poole said...

Sounds like the Ozzies and the French.

We shall, as we English have said before, see.

James Whyle said...

Look, I'm nervous. I am.

Gerrie Hugo said...

I will blame Thabo Mbeki in the event of South Africa not bringing the trophy home. He has no right to soil the one place where South Africans can experience some form of hope with his presence.
Maybe the scorpions can now arrest most of his crooked cronies with him out of the country.
I hope some French hooligans beat the crap out of the PLD.
Note: You might detect that I decided to remove Thabo Mbeki from my Xmas card list.

James Whyle said...

Well, we won. And the team was an example to all South Africans.

Nick Poole said...

Well done SA. But I'm proud of England...never thought they'd fight so hard to keep that trophy, or for so long.

James Whyle said...

And so you should be. Still think you should PM The Queen and get her to Knight Jason Robinson. Some defeat is just as worthy as victory.