Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Making a Cult of Yourself - New Writing from The Shed

The Other Side of Here - Perry Iles

"He made a cult of himself'" ...a comedy, a romance, an adventure and a novel that spans almost two centuries.

B.B. LeMarr's Domesday: Scenes from a Globalist Divorce - B.B. LeMarr

"This is a curious book, I will say from the start. The idea - reached after reading Redmond O'Hanlon's Congo Journey and rereading PJ O'Rourke's Holiday in Hell and drinking a little too much Tennessee whiskey - was to create a form of travel writing that took real places and tweaked them with magical realism..."

Bufflehead Sisters - Patricia J DeLois

"Janet has always wanted a sister, and she believes her prayers have been answered when she meets Sophie. It is only after 30 years of friendship that Janet discovers that sisterhood doesn't mean the same thing to Sophie that it means to her."

Bufflehead Sisters was the runner up at the YouWriteOn 'Book of the Year' contest in 2006. It was recently published and is now available from Amazon.

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