Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Bring Me My Condom

ANC Youth League spokesperson Zizi Kodwa, quoted in IOL on Jacob Zuma’s song, Bring Me my Machine Gun:

"This song was sung by our cadres during difficult times in exile… When we sing it, we do so to remember those times and to ponder the future."

If we're pondering the future, I would recommend a change of lyrics. For Mr Zuma, a man of big appetites, “Bring Me My Condom.” And for the rest of us, with special reference to the ANC Youth League, Bring Me My Trowel, My Blackboard, My Stethoscope, My Computer, my Instrument of Work.

You can find an English translation of Mr Zuma's favourite song, right at the bottom of the page, here. And one of the best things our president has said, incidentaly, was "lets get to work".

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