Friday, September 28, 2007

LibraryThing - Power to the Reader

The business of books is in the hands of marketers, grey men, with grey shoes who deposit grey stools into grey bowls every morning at seven o’clock when their wives tell them to. Will digital technology and self publishing change that in next ten years, but putting the power back into the hands of readers?

LibraryThing is a step in the right direction. Members create libraries of the books that matter to them. This in turn leads readers to books that might matter to them, rather than the latest rubbish by Dan Brown.

You can have a look at the beginnings of my personal canon, by clicking on the catalogue URL here. And you can see the authors here. A warning though: they are on the whole, barring Alexandra Fuller, better to read than to look at.

I discovered LibraryThing via Gerrie Hugo. Thank you, Gerrie.

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