Friday, September 7, 2007

Exposure for "And the Dead"

I have just learnt that African Writing want to use the opening of And the Dead Watch Over Us as, “one of the arresting works from/on South Africa we are featuring to generate interest for next month's AW South African special”.

I think it’s time to say thank you once more to Nick Poole of Litopia, who has truly mentored the tome and who suggested the prologue that appears to be making it more accessible to reviewers on YouWriteOn.

I’m 60 000 words in now, and four free weeks would probably be enough to find the ending and do a thorough rewrite…


Gerrie Hugo said...

Once more congratulations seem to be in order James. Well done!
All the best from me and mine.
I'm not the flavour of the moment because of the latest review I did of one Azaria Mbatha's work.
Still...I tend to tell things the way I see and experience them.

James Whyle said...

Thanks, Gerrie. Not flavour of the month with African Writing?

I googled your review. God had his wits about him when he created the slushpile.