Sunday, September 9, 2007

William Gibson Don’t Plan.

Believers in planning your book before writing it throng the internet writer’s sites of the cyberworld. So perhaps it’s evil of me to collect evidence of successful writers who don’t.

“…no book gets written by the guy who walks around thinking about writing books. The conscious ideas I had for the book were not very good ideas. They never are. The book is what happens when your fingers are hitting the keyboard.”

After the success of Neromancer, William Gibson was surprised to find himself a cult hero.
I didn't think I was Dylan going electric. I thought I was Willie Nelson doing something slightly shocking.”

And he is happy enough to live with the lack of critical respect that is the inheritance of Science Fiction writers.
'The best thing about science fiction was always its lack of legitimacy. It was like, "Fuck it, I've run away and joined the circus."

What is the modern fantasy canon? I would suggest Tolkein, Ursula le Guin, William Gibson

You can read Tim Adams’ excellent Guardian profile here.

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