Sunday, September 2, 2007

Gwedging Polar Bears on Facebook.

My quote of week comes from charming internet bloggista, Peas on Toast, who appears to live up the road in Illovo. She’s talking about personal revelations on the internet.

“…why did my recent ex have to go and post pictures of himself gwedging some polar bear” on Facebook?

This is great dialogue. I hope Peas won’t be too outraged if she hears it issuing from her television set at some stage. I googled “gwedging,” and was led to this. Has a new word been coined here? (And what does it meant for polar bears?) I asked my daughter and was advised that "tapping" and "waxing" were more common usages.

Peas on Toast should be syndicated by a newspaper. Johannesburg's Sex in the City. Or consider a career in television drama.

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